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Derek admits joining the ABBA fan club in the early 80’s. When asked to comment Derek was quoted as saying “ I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who’s ever danced around his living room in his underwear while singing Dancing Queen”.

Michael confirmed Derek's statement and admitted he also danced around the living room in his underwear; however, he has no idea why it has anything to do with ABBA. “ It was simply fun,” said Michael.

Johnny Bo is writing a book called “Elvis The bowling Years”. It is a fictional account of an Elvis who loves bowling, corn dogs and the concept of time travel. In chapter three Elvis visits Belle River in the year 2040 and battles government forces that are attempting to outlaw corn dogs.

Sir Sean is asking Fan Club members to join him in his petition to make “Mall Walking” an Olympic Sport. I love it and I'm not even retired says Sir Sean. I call it good old fashioned family fun plus I usually win.

Larry C has developed a toy similar to Mr. Potato Head only his toy will be called “Mr. Banana Head” and you use an orange!

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A photo of a British Beat 66 at Two Creeks Conservation Area Click here.