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Thank you British Beat 66....what an amazing night last night. Can't wait to have you back again...TB

Hey Toys for Tots what a great event thanks for all your dedication my friend and l and a blast. GR

What an amazing time we had I cannot remember dancing ALL NIGHT LONG in a long time. The British Beat 66 was just great! Thanks so much. RN

Judging from the last time I saw you guys, it was upbeat good time music. I can't imagine not dancing and enjoying BB66. You guys bring back so many great memories from the English invasion time period with your music. It's a joy and a treat to hear you guys play that great music we all loved so much. Keep rocking guys, you have all our support. Arthur PW

Saw you at Motor City on Monday. I thought the band was great. I see you will be in Utica mi. Later in May I will be looking forward to seeing the band again in Utica.

Great party last night, happy New Year to all of you. Linda C, Happy New Years great performance had lots of fun. Danielle M, Thanks to Mike and the boys, the music of the sixties will never die, and that is a good thing. Robert T, Love your music PWW.

Just a quick note to thank you and your band members for the wonderful evening last Sunday. I have never seen so many people up dancing and wanting to hear more. On a personal note, my feet hated me next morning but it was worth it. Once again, thank you. DW Two Creeks Conservation Assoc.

Just wanted to say that you guys really rocked it yesterday. I always loved how you entertain the crowd with your guitar and gestures. I hope it all goes well with British Beat 66, Keep up the great beats. ED

Was at the party last night and had a great time. You guys sounded good! First time I've seen the British Beat 66. Jammin' it up and slappin' it down, was impressed!! Sounds like you guys are very busy with many gigs coming up. It's fantastic to see live music. Keep up the good work. BB

You guys sounded fantastic! Wish I could have stayed longer. CL

Just blew us away. Saw all 3 sets. Stuck around all night. The band sound great. PL

It was great to see you all, Joe and I had a blast. You guys really rock!!! GBL

We really enjoyed the show and it was great as usual MIKE !!! BB Jr.

You guys sounded amazing as always. GA

Hi Michael, I had lots of complements about your performance! BH

Thanks again for all the help on the weekend. You guys are a massive reason Liam is as far along as he is. I can't begin to thank you guys enough. Chris O

Many thanks to all of you. British Beat 66 was the icing on the cake. I have a feeling that there will be additional bookings as a result of this. For sure it was a fun evening. Kindest regards Jan B

GREAT concert in Chatham! Thank you! The musicians were amazing and the singing was excellent. So we glad we attended. Love the whole presentation! Pat DG

Like a fine wine, British Beat 66 gets even better over time....your concert in Chatham was the best ever.....!!! Looking forward to next time..... Pam D

Fantastic concert in Chatham. Thank you. Audrey C

Crazy fantastic time last night guys! Awesome job! You guys Rocked! Lets do it again next year for sure! Happy New Year to all! WB

The BB66 were beyond wonderful. I loved every minute. All the great talent in BB66 is indescribable. The voices, the movements, you guys are all so good. You belong in Vegas. The piper was perfect. Later on we will probably see you at the Windsor Casino. CA.

Thank you! Great show! You guys are extremely talented. Everyone has been raving. Sincerely, JS.

A shout out to you and the band for playing on our driveway. The neighbors had a blast and the music brought us back in time where we weren't so innocent but pretended to be. But most importantly we raised over twelve thousand dollars for hospice. C&J

Hello, My wife and I just got home from the show at Two Creeks in Wheatly Ont. We really enjoyed the show...Thanks, and we are looking forward to seeing you next year. DM

We all had a fantastic time in Windsor and BB66 was a huge success! Kristen... You guys were a Hit! Lots of great reviews. Enjoy the rest of the summer! Dave B

You guys played awesome! I stayed for most show but had to leave due to long drive home. Again, great music! TK

My hubby and I listened and watch your group, British Beat 66 play at the casino. We absolutely loved your music. We would love to follow you so could you please send your concert list. Thanks a million!

Hey... Just found out one of my coworkers saw you guys playing at Caesars when Frankie Valley was there on May 8th. Said you guys killed it.

You Lads sounded Fantastic as usual yesterday!! Terrific performance....J and the girls loved the show.

That is one of the high lights of my trip.. brilliant..! You guys really did play excellent last night it was awesome.. YL

Absolutely LOVED your music at the Friday night Ceilidh to kick off the Cambridge Highland Games. REALLY hope you're back next year as we have a group of 8 already lined up to come with us. Great Show. Thanks Brenda and John

Awesome as usual!! Looking forward to August!! Sandy HP - We had a fun evening. Always good dance music. Loved the new songs. Nanette P

The British Beat 66 have brought so much love, life and laughter & Rockin' 60's tunes to so many people over the years. What a blessing! Pat.

Thanks go to you and the guys! Your presence as performers and guests was great! I had nothing but positive comments from everyone who was lucky enough to be there and enjoy the night! Greg G

Thank you for your performance. We had a great time. Ron K

We have seen British Beat several times. What made this show a little different was the setting...nice meal....the caliber of the crowd + I think you had a great set list. So all the boxes were ticked...the bagpipes were also a nice touch. Once again it was a great show! Mike H

Thank you for a wonderful evening of fun music! Stephanie O

Thank you so much for a great show last night! I have heard many complaints of sore feet from all the dancing! Thanks for the drumstick! It will have a special place on my bar! Cheers! Pam.

You guys rocked the parrot heads last night!! Sandy P, 'Twas a blast! Thanks for the rockin' gud time! Kevin R.

Hello, I wanted to say you guys sounded absolutely fantastic last night......you guys were on fire!!!!!!A word about you and all your band members......you are all CLASS guys....I mean that wholeheartedly!!!!!!You guys are a Class Act!!!! Cheers FR

Great time was had. I haven't danced that much in eons. Wayne C

Thank you British Beat 66 for donating your time and providing amazing musical entertainment at Liam's benefit! A great time was had by all

Hi, my name is C, im 15 and I saw your preformance last night at the Ciociaro club. You guys really rocked! I had lots of fun watching you guys and you've inspired me to become the best musician I can. I wanted to thank you for talking to me and showing my friend and I the stage with all the equipent that you used, it was very informative and cool to see all the guitars/drums/basses/speakers. Thank you and I hope I will see you guys play live again soon!C St-G

Thanks again for supporting us.. The band was super as always... Mickey M

Black Forest Inn: Here are some comments from the show. Band very entertaining. Excellent group of entertainers. Entertainment was first class.Excellent food, service and entertainment! Worth traveling from Peterborough (Buckhorn)Ontario for!Lovely night! Great show & service. Great to hear the old songs!!! Great performance.Awesome show!British Beat 66 what a great act. They are amazing. Bring them back!

Thank you BB66, you put on a phine performance on Saturday night, lots of dancing and singing. Loved ya. Look forward to seeing you again soon. GL

Thanks for the lovely evening. Really enjoyed your band and had a lot of fun. You all enjoy doing what your doing and it shows. Fun is the best word to describe what you do. Job well done. MB.

My wife and myself have seen you guys perform and couple of times. We enjoyed your show. When is your next performance at motor city casino? Big fan of your music. Barry E.

You guys were great Monday night! I'm 60 years old and my girlfriend is 63 and we loved the music. I especially liked the "Theme from James Bond" tune. BZ

You guys were great SB - VERY COOL You should post more!!! Very smooth transitions!! Michael JD - I ♥ Jeremy (don't forget to tell him so!! M C-E. Hi Mike, Great evening as always. Have a few pictures for you. Have a great day - Marie C

Hello: On Sunday August 14,2011 I was in wheatly at Two Creeks Conservation Area.I saw your show and just wanted to say hi and tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the show. You put on a fantastic show. Steve G

Hello British Beat 66,Thank you for your wonderful show on Saturday! Your group was very fun and entertaining for the festival, and the songs went over very well with people of all ages. On behalf of the Art of Eating committee, Paula and I would like to thank you for the great show. Regards,Alicia

Great show last night! Excellent music, fabulous entertainment! See ya again soon! Kathy V and You guys sounded great last night. I was listening from above for a few Mark C and You guys rocked.I love the tunes and you all nailed them. Lot's of fun and energy too. It was the first chance I've had to see you now I know what all the buzz is about. Mike B

My girlfriend and I caught some of your show Victoria Day weekend at Caesars Windsor while we were there for the Guy Fieri Food Show. Absolutely fantastic guys! Jeffrey H

Just caught your show last night in St. Thomas, Great show guys!!! Come back soon. YOU ROCK!! Ryan J

I have seen you group perform quite often and it always boggles my mind how you can play so many songs and never seem to tire. Your group is the best. Jo D and Great show last night,it was very enjoyable and glad I went to see you guys. Chuck W

You guys are amazing! keep up the great work and hope to hear you play again soon.Elisha D

Hello, I just wanted to compliment you and your band on a wonderful job last night!! You guys are fantastic, great vocals, great musically and great material, you guys put on a FAB show!!! Look forward to seeing you again soon. Cheers F.(and from the same show) Hello Mike, Had a great time Saturday night. You guys were great! I'm a softy for great harmonies, and your harmonies were VERY good! Keep up the good work.Stay in touch! Mark

Hi, Just to let you know that we are the couple from Chatham that really loved your music.We came to Windsor to the Legion to see your show and it was great!!!!! Love the show and we had fun dancing to the music.This was our fifth time seeing you and you never disappoint us. We will certainly come back to the Legion in the Spring and other dates there if you come.Hopefully, you will come back to Chatham. Maybe a venue like this one was where people can dance .Either way, we will definetly come see you play. All of the band members are so talented.So glad that you are out there entertaining us with fabulous music. All the best, D and J

Hidden Gem: Fans actually dancing "The Freddie"Click here.

Great show at Caesars Sat night, it was truly a great night. We also brought 4 friends who had never seen the group before + thought it was also a great show. Once again great show. I wish you continued success + enjoyment. Mike H

Hi, This past weekend one of our recreation staff members saw your show at Two Creeks. She was extremely impressed by your performance. If you could let us know if you would ever consider coming to Chatham,we would greatly appreciate it! KM

I have never seen you live until last nights show at Two Creeks in Wheatley. Your show was simply outstanding + very entertaining. The music was great + your onstage banter was even better than the music. Although I was on the younger side of that era I have been very fortunate to see many of the acts live. It was great to see them all together at your show. I hope that you are able to keep the band intact for several more years. Although I don`t have any musical ability, I greatly respect + appreciate all types of music especially anything to do with the 60s. Once again great show-performance + I am going to try to catch your next show at our Casino in Sept. in between my own trips. PS...I`ve seen all of the Beatles but not together + I`m going to see Paul again in Pittsburgh next week....I hope that he is still at least half as good as The British Beat 66! M Hicks

Had an excellent time out @ 2 Creeks Conservation Area with BB66! Nice to see you`re having FUN with Music!I haven`t seen that many Happy farmers since the Rain fell!!Great job!! Mike B

It was a wonderful evening. We won't don't usually repeat, but in your case, I'll get into some nasty altercations if we don't. Rick

Hello! Would you please add me to your mailing list to let me know when and where The British Beat 66 will be playing. I attended the St. Paddy's celebration and had great fun. Always a pleasure to see my favourite band in Windsor. Thanks, P

Had a great time with the British Beat 66 last night at the Casino.I tell you my friends you have to see this band if you want to see some of Windsors finest musicians.Fun to watch and great to listen to. Dave M

Hello, A special Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job at Cosmos in the Windsor Casino. What great atmosphere. Your music was fabulous and you guys are just incredible. I just wanted to tell you how awesome it was to hear live music, you guys sounded fantastic. Have a really great new year in 2010 and my wish for the band is to "enjoy life more" because it goes by so fast. LR

Excellent job at the casino. Loved it. P and I can't wait to see the band again.(DM), Enjoyed seeing you last night, rock on!(JDLB), Good job tonight at the Casino! Definitely will come out to watch you guys again.(LS)I just wanted to tell you that I heard a lot of people mention that they really like BB66!(CB) Had a great night listening the The British Beat 66 last night! So enjoyable! Thanks for a good night out! You are so much fun to watch, great aura......Happy New Year!! PO

Attended Uncle Vito's in Amherstburg on Sat. night and really enjoyed your show. What an enjoyable night, thanks so much. Will certainly spread the word what great entertainer's you are. JK Kingsville Ont.

Hello, We were at the party on Saturday night and I just wanted to tell you what a great time we had! Your band is absolutely terrific. Do you have a mailing list that we can be added to, thanks for a wonderful time on Saturday, we had a blast! S and A

Really enjoyed the battle of the bands Saturday night. Your set was great. Wanted to thank you for playing Love is All Around by the Troggs. That was the Bridal dance song my wife and I chose for our wedding twenty-one years ago. We jumped up to dance to it Saturday. Again, great show. Glad you guys and the Fogg have hooked up. John B

Greetings to the British Beat 66, Had a ball you guys are the bomb spread the love, RG of Paisley Fogg

Michael,You guys were awesome , best show I've seen you do so far. You are an inspiration to the fogg and we hope to someday have our presentation as polished as yours. The Guess Who jam was a highlight for me. I heard many positive comments from attendees and club members. Tom

I caught one of your sets at the Brit car show. Let me say that you fellas are GREAT I love that type of music. I can not really call it old stuff being I my early 50,s I remember it to well LOL well I will be keeping and eye on your web site and hope to take in a full show next time GOOD LUCK AND THANKS FOR SOME MEMORIES , Jim H

Hi,I can't even tell you how much everyone LOVED you and the band, you guys were fantastic! I was hoping I could get your address from you, we have a thank you card with your name on it. Cheers, K

Keep hearing what a wonderful band we had. You guys made sure it was a great party. Thanks a bunch. Wendy O

Hi, I'm so happy that I got to hear your whole show. You guy's rock!!! I really enjoyed your show. It's no wonder you get paid the big bucks...great ...worth every penny...xoxo Have a great day! Bev B

Mike: Thanks again for last night. You guys did a fantastic job. Everyone enjoyed the show. Brad

You guys were awesome, very tight and presented your show in an entertaining and visual way that I really enjoyed. I am looking forward to doing the show together in Sept. Thank you so much. Tom B of Paisley Fogg

Hello guys, wanted to say what a great time I had at the show at Mohawk on Feb. 28. I really was going to only catch the first set, enjoyed it so much we stayed for the whole show. I would so love to hear from you guys. Patti

Hi, Happy New Year,Once again you guys rocked the night away Brilliant. Follow follow Billy

Thanks for the great show at motor city. You guys are the best. You have a wonderful Christmas. Take care well wishes for ya, Linette

Gina and I wanted to let you know we had a great time at the Moose Lodge last week. Enjoyed the music as always. Hope to see you again soon, Joe

It was a good show Mike...everyone enjoyed themselves...keep us on your mailing list. Mike B

Hey Mike. I really enjoyed your set. You guys were awesome. Great playing. Joey

Mike, great evening. That Andy, was he ever on his game tonight. Bruce F

Dear British Beat 66, I enjoyed the show out in the country at the Canadian Transportation Museum Sat. Sept. 6. I thought there was a special spirit to the band, that it was really channelling the magnificent force of that era of music. Hope to see you again. Sally T

I saw your group performing at the Tecumseh Corn Fest. You were wonderful as usual and I have been telling everyone to go so see your group perform if they have a chance. Thanks for the great entertainment.Jo-Anne

K and I were there also--K wanted to dance wildly at the front but I had to hold him back.Your band was GREAT!!Linda

Totally in heaven, when I saw you guys at the cornfest. You guys rock my world every time I see you.Great job, see you soon!!#1 Fan Tina

Hi guys. You gave us an awesome show last night, I think the crowd had lots of fun.You may have noticed me poking around the stage snapping pictures of you now and again. Cheers Gene S

We caught your concert at the Corn Fest last evening...OUTSTANDING... everyone just gave it rave reviews...Well done...Perfect evening...Mickey M

Hi Michael, Thanks to you and the Band for such a fabulous night. hope to have you back again soon. Cheers Annie

I had a great time. You guys have a great show and sounded awesome. Thanks again Mitch

I attended a 60th anniversary celebration at the Canadian Anglo Club a few weeks ago, and it was the first time I had ever heard British Beat 66, they were fabulous. I knew every word to every song they sang, and all the songs brought back wonderful memories. They are great musicians. If you have a chance to see British Beat 66 do yourself a favor and go, you will not regret it, trust me. You will tell everyone you know how great they are. And no matter where they play, you will follow them because they capture you with their talent. All the guys in this band are true gentlemen and gifted musicians. Linda J

Hello I have been meaning to check out your site so I could write and thank your group for the most fun I have had in years. I want to thank you, even though it is July I still smile remembering how much I enjoyed that night. Jo-Anne D

I just went thru the British Beat site, FABULOUS! and great audio of you guys!Great package you guys have! Right On! Rick R

Hidden Gem: BB66 at Motor City Casino in Kilts. Click here.

Hi, I saw you at the Motor City Casio on Mothers Day you were great do you sell CDs? Michele F

Thank you for making us feel so welcome. We had a wonderful time on Saturday and are looking forward to the time when we can do it all again. We hope that your audience enjoyed our show. We certainly enjoyed yours!!! Be well, The Backbeats

Our #1 Fan Tina Celebrates her 39th Birthday with her friends and a very special British Beat 66 Cake

Watching the band is a joy that we truly take pleasure in. You guys are beyond doubt the most talented, brilliant, amazing musicians. Well wishes for a great year in 2008. Love ya, Linette and John

Hi Michael, Great show last night. We really enjoyed the performance. I am trying to get a group to come back in November! Cheers, Eli (The Backbeats)

Hi! You were at the Montebello Chateau in the August for a party and I was the announcer of the night, who presented you for the show. I very sincerely think that I remember you as the best cover band that I have ever seen in my life. For the music and for the fun you have on the stage. It's a good show lesson! Thank you for this great night. Simon

Hi, Michael.I saw some of the show on Saturday night at St.V's. Loved the band and your selection of songs. I listened to lots of them on my transistor radio right there on that very parking lot when they were hits. That's the school I attended back in '66 and the parking lot was our playground! Thanks for the memories! Dana J

You sounded amazing! You put on a great show and are all very talented musicians. Look forward to seeing you again in the future. Best of luck! Less A Day

Hi Guys, My girlfriend and I saw your band at the Casino in Windsor and loved it. I would like to say you guys rock. Keith.

With talent like yours and your band, you guys will be going places. Keep that BEAT going and you guys will be shining STARS. take care, Iris

Hello Michael You and the guys did a awesome job. Cindy

I absolutely loved Saturday night. I loved sitting with "your groupies" and hearing all their stories about following you and the band around. It was an absolute joy to watch all of you perform. What a great spot!!!!! Keep me posted on all your performance dates and I will be there when ever I can that is for sure. Thanks, it was a great night! K

I just wanted to let you know that we had a "ROCKING" good time on Sat night. You and the band are absolutely fab!!!!! All my clan had a great time and my sisters are wild!! The girls like to dance and the guys like to have a few brews, so everyone is happy. We will definitely go again, but you and the band need to be in a bigger venue, because you all are tooooo good for the likes of Windsor. CK

Hey!You guys sounded good this weekend! I enjoyed it! cb

Thanks again mike for putting on a great show! Do you have any digital music by your band? See yah at the Casino R C

Thank-you all for enhancing what I considered a great performance by the British Beat 66 to complete a perfect evening. Sincerely, C H

I've just checked out your website again and the sample tunes are a nice feature, but really do not do your group justice as far as your live performances...you are a fantastic group, your tunes and arrangements are great. Pam D

NYE was a phenominal success. The music was outstanding. I think that was the best BB66 function we have ever had. Can we plan dates for 2007 yet? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks - Geoff

That was a awesome show at Motor City that I just had the pleasure of seeing. I just want to thank your band for being one of the best shows I have ever seen and what a great Christmas Present it was to see you guys. I look forward to seeing you guys again along with our friends that we brought, who also admired all the talent. Thank You for a wonderful show and I really think you guys are superstars. Thanks, forever a fan Linette and John R

Thank you for the great show hope to be able to make another date . Ann

Thanks again for the fantastic entertainment on Saturday, once again another great time had by all. Keep in touch, Jacqui

Thanks again so much for the great performance Monday night.You really are true performers!!!!!Your friend Dave

Please let us know when you are coming back to the Toronto area (especially the east end) as we'd love to catch a full show - and I know quite a number of other Brits who weren't at Mississauga who would love it too! Keep up the good work and keep in touch. All the best. Jackie & Martin

It was a pleasure working with you. Band World

A great big thank you! The band was fantastic & I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a great band! Wishing you & the rest of British Beat 66 a great summer! Patti

You guys played great last night! Every note, every tune, was dead on. I still think you should be touring North America. Your show was full of energy and variety. Keep up the good work. Let me know if you are in the area again. Lee

Hello Hello Nothing but glowing reports from the guys and gals in TO from the show you did on Feb 12...Congrats Billy

Hey Guys I saw you first in Amherstburg and have been following you ever since. You guys are at the top of the list as far as local bands go. Love the music and I am hoping for more places we can dance at. Tina

It was great to see you at the casino and as you could probably tell, my husband and friends loved your band! Melanie

I recently saw your band at your Valentines gig at the Rangers Club in Scarborough and quite frankly it was the best time my Mom and I had in a long time. I hope to catch you again. Shannon M

Hi guys! I saw you perform for the first time at Casino Windsor Wednesday night,Jan. 25th. You were really great and very friendly. It was nice meeting some of you. I love British Invasion music. It's so good to hear those songs again. Hope you will learn Needles And Pins soon--My favorite Searchers song! Michele

Had an absolutely fantastic time hearing all of you play at the Anglo Club for the Halloween dance. I could definitely be a groupie! Awesome tunes! I'll be back!! Thank you all for a very much needed, let loose, all around fantabulous time! Suzanne Z

I just saw the above band at Put-in-Bay, OH at the Beer Barrel Saloon and THEY WERE FANTASTIC! British Invasion music is my favorite music & they expertly performed it. It was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. It was like sitting through about 13 "mini-concerts". These guys are sensationally talented. Does this band have a CD for sale? I would be very interested. Sue

I'm such a great fan of yours and wish to be advised of all your dances and/or concerts. Please send me a schedule and I will do my best to have a group of us come from Sarnia to listen to the greatest band ever!!! Pat

Saw you guys last evening. Great show and the right British Invasion material. Eric Burdon would be proud of your 'we gotta get out of this place'. Hope to see you again soon, in and around town. Bruce F

Hi, Please send me your concerts dates and the bands web site. thanks in advance. Another "stellar" job done by you guys at the track. Don F

I wear your British Beat 66 T-shirt proudly wherever I go.You really pick me up when I am down!! Dave F

You have a good thing going and could make it big if you want it. I look forward to seeing you guys play again when you come back to T.O. Botch

Had a great time last night at the show, the crowd really got into the music. Joan P

The dance floor was jammed packed for every dance I thought we might have had to get the "paramedics" in for all the older members you could'nt get them off the dance floor the band brought them back the good old days, the Stones, Beatles the Kinks, Hermans Hermits you name them they done them and much more, the last part of the show says it all it's Brilliant. Alex C

We received great reviews for the British Beat 66 band. Great performance and costumes. Played all the crowd favorites. John P

Thanks again for that wonderful New Year's eve performance at the Scottish Club.You guys were totally awesome as usual and we can't wait for your next performance.We just love to dance to all of your tunes.After hearing you the first time back in June we just don't care to hear anyone else.You are so gifted and we are so appreciative of your many talents. Also could you please tell me when your upcoming concerts are. From 2 of your most admiring fans!! Dave & Pat

Thank you for joining us for the festival. Everyone loved your music. I look forward to working with you guys again. Maria

My girlfriend and I just love the music you play and think you are an absolutely amazing band!!!Could you please tell me when and where you are playing next?? One of your DieHard Fans. David

I never got the chance to personally thank you for your bands great performance this past Saturday at our club. You did us proud and we are looking forward to having your band back in the Scottish club real soon. From myself and the rest of the Scottish Club Executive would you please thank for the guys for us....You guys ROCK. Billy F